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What is Short Fill E Liquid and How Is It Used?

Short Fill E Liquid

E-juice or Vape juice is the liquid used in vaporizers and electronic cigarettes that create the actual vaper. It contains nicotine but can be crafted according to personal preference. It is a mixture of water, food-grade flavouring, a choice of nicotine levels or zero nicotine and Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerine (VG).

Usually, when the term E-liquid is used, there’s always a mention of Short Fill E-liquids. With that many questions arise in one’s mind like, what is a short fill e liquid, how is it used, and so on.  Let’s learn more about Short fill e liquids.

What is Short fill E LIQUID?

Shortfill or Shake n’ Vape e-liquids are larger bottles of vape juice that are made without nicotine. These e-liquid bottles are called short fills simply because they are not filled to the top. The space at the top is for an additional nicotine shot (or nic shot) – usually a high nicotine strength, unflavored e-liquid.

How to use a Short fill E Liquid?

With short fill e liquids, you get a large bottle which is only partly-filled with 0mg e-liquid. There’s enough space left for you to pour in one or two 10ml bottles of high-strength e-liquid so that it balances out to your desired strength. This is so users can add their own nicotine to the bottles.

Known as nicotine shots, these bottles are sold separately and are made of concentrated nicotine liquid. You can add as you pleas. Most users add around 10 ml of 18 mg nicotine to every 50 ml short fill bottle before shaking well to allow the two liquids to mix creating a 3mg e-liquid blend. This varies from person to person, each having their own taste when it comes to nicotine hits in their vape juice.

Why do people use short fills?

Short fills fulfill a specific need, the juices being used have a wide range of flavors and the possibility for flexible nicotine intake.  Here at Smokeless Vape we stock a huge range of e-liquid flavours to suit everyone’s taste buds.

Flexible nicotine:

With so many ex-smokers possessing a varied level of nicotine addiction, the usual nicotine contents of pre-filled vape juices range from 3 mg per 5 ml up to 20 mg. The amount of nicotine is directly related to the way ex-smokers used to smoke.  With nicotine in prefills consisting of 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, and 20 mg, there are bound to be some vapers are looking for something that falls between these two categories. Instead of settling for the pre-filled juice, they may want to mix and match to personally craft their perfect concentration.

Nicotine-less vape juices:

Some people may buy pre-fills because they do not want any nicotine in their vape juices. While e-cigarettes were originally designed as a smoking cessation tool, vape juices have begun to be used by non-smokers who enjoy the taste and sensation alone, disregarding the nicotine. The safest option for these vapers, who may not want to risk addiction, is to go for the nicotine-free short fills and use them as is.

TPD laws and short fill liquids:

Another reason for the use of short fills is to bypass the Tobacco Products Directive, a set of laws which were laid out last year in the UK. The use of short fills bottles allow vapers to carry larger amounts of e-liquid instead of the smaller 10ml TPD bottles. It can also work out to be cheaper to purchase short fill bottles instead of the 10ml variation.

Who are Short fills for?

Anyone looking to stock up on a lot of e-liquid for as cheap as possible alongside having the flexibility of carrying one larger bottle instead of multiple 10ml ones. Short fill e-liquids work out to have the lowest price per 10ml, making them an ideal choice for any heavy vapers or those of you using juice-hungry sub-ohm tanks.

However, because short fill e liquids are mostly made from nicotine-free e-liquid, this means that they are limited to the lower nicotine strengths. If you use 6mg e-liquid or lower, then a short fill e liquid is a great choice.

Pros of using short fills

  • Great for cloud chasing
  • Often cheaper per ml
  • Fewer bottles to lose
  • Uses packaging making it more environmentally friendly

Cons of using short fills

  • Low nicotine strengths – we would recommend a maximum of 2 x 10ml nicotine shots per 50ml of e-liquid which would create a 6mg blend
  • Not usually right for low power devices due to the higher PG concentration however 50:50 PG VG blends are also available
  • Nicotine needs to be added separately

Using short fills isn’t rocket science. Simply remove the top of the short fills bottle, add your nicotine shot/s and shake vigorously before use; get a complete and satisfying vaping experience.  

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All About E-Liquid Brands

eliquid brands

If you’ve heard the terms like ‘E-Juice’, ‘E-Liquid’ and ‘Vape-Juice’
before and aren’t sure what it is or what’s in it, then let’s get a bit of information on all the above questions.

But first of all, E-liquid, E-Juice, and Vape-Juice are all terms used to describe the same thing.

Vape-juice or E-Juice is the fluid used in vaporizers and electronic cigarettes that creates the actual vapour. It contains nicotine but can be made nicotine free depending on personal preference. It’s a mixture of water, food grade flavourings, a choice of nicotine levels or zero nicotine, and PG (Propylene Glycol) or VG (Vegetable Glycerine). PG and VG make up about 90% of the contents in e-liquid with nicotine and food grade flavouring making up the remaining 10%.

E-liquid comes in a variety of different strengths of nicotine. Many users purchase zero-nicotine. The standard strengths we use at ‘Smokeless-Vape’ are as follows:

  • No nicotine – 0mg
  • Low – 8mg
  • Medium – 12mg
  • High. – 16mg
  • Extra High – 24mg

The strength you choose will depend upon your individual tolerance.

To buy Premium Vape juice brands at extreme discounts trust Smokeless-Vape

When you think of buying vapour juices, there are so many different things you need to consider. From all the different flavours that are available in different sizes that e-juices come in, to, of course, the different prices you’ll pay for the e-liquid, it can be tough to decide what to purchase.

E-liquids are classified under two categories:

  • Premium
  • Regular

Premium means the assurance of better quality and ingredients. So premium e-juice is going to be more expensive than a regular e-juice.

Vapers usually keep an eye out for discounts available online to stock up on vapour juice, as the top-selling vape brands sell for a premium at retail vape shops and smoke shops.

The minimum discount on premium vape juice brands is roughly 40% and can reach up to 70% on 60 ml and 100ml size vape juice bottle.

The end product of premium e-juice compared to regular e-juice can vary in the following ways:


  • Consistent taste per bottle
  • Complex and accurate recipes
  • Proprietary or rare flavourings
  • Smaller batch size
  • Unique tasting
  • Traceability per bottle
  • Harder for DIYers to clone


  • Susceptible to inconsistency
  • Generic recipes
  • Off- the- shelf flavourings
  • Made for mass consumption
  • Tastes like other brands
  • No traceability
  • Easier to replicate

‘Smokeless-vape’ provides you with some of the best Vape Juice Brands, to name a few are:

  • Dinner Lady
  • Vampire Vapes
  • Cuttwood
  • Zap Juice
  • Moo Shake
  • Zume, etc

‘Smokeless-Vape’ offers a wide array of vape products and accessories, complemented with premium vapour juice to satisfy your needs.

For the beginners, there are starter kits, with many types of vaporizers and mod kits that have a variety of features like variable and temperature control etc, that gives them everything they need to start vaping.

A typical vape kit will have a mod, a tank and a charging cable. If you have a little experience with e-cigarettes, then the intermediate kits, featuring an IC and several other components can be a great option.

We at ‘SMOKELESS-VAPE’ have made it a mission to serve consumers with the best quality vaping products at the most affordable prices.

With years of experience in the vaping industry and highly knowledgeable staff to source the best vape juice brands that are manufactured keeping the highest quality in mind for their customers.

According to the Royal College of Physicians in the UK, E-cigarettes cause less than 5% of the harm of smoking tobacco. For the most part, e-cigarettes and vaporizers are significantly less harmful than cigarettes.

One of the key reasons for the popularity of vaping other than being smokeless is the ability to quit traditional analogue cigarettes.

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All You Wanted To Know About E liquid

Vaping and E-cigarettes, or whatever you want to call it, is getting very popular nowadays.

Owing to the rampant growth of the vaping industry in recent years, and an explosion in the popularity of e-cigarettes. The demand for new flavours in e-liquid, which is used to fuel the vaporizer is also skyrocketing.

You can find hordes of e liquid suppliers offering a wide range of e-liquid flavours, both organic as well as artificial. Even seasoned professionals in the vaping world have some misconceptions about the e-liquid used in it. To some, it’s the vaporizer which plays a vital role in giving a vaper a complete experience and according to them, all the e-liquids are the same.

What is vaping?

Vaping is the act of inhaling the vapour produced by a vaporizer or electronic cigarette. The vapour is produced from a material such as an e-liquid, concentrate or dry herb.

A vaporizer is an electric device that turns vaping material or e-liquid into vapour. The battery generates the power for the heating element in the atomizer or cartomizer, which contacts the e-liquid and transforms it into vapour for inhalation.

What matters more a good vaporizer or the e-liquid used in it?

Usually, vapers think all that matters is a good quality vaporizer and not the e-liquid, for a good vaping experience. Therefore, it’s irrelevant what you use in your vaporizer.

But the fact is, in a vaporizer, the battery generates the power for the heating element, which helps an e-liquid to form a vapour. So it’s the e-liquid which gives a good flavour to your taste buds in the form of vapour.

Nowadays, vaporizers have an element of modern design, look and feel which also offer versicle features like durability and sturdy materials.

No matter how good your vaporizer is, the e-liquid you put in it, is more important for a good vaping experience.

What is an E-liquid?

E-liquid or e-juice is the primary material used in vaporizers that consists of a PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerine) base, flavourings and may or may not contain nicotine.

There’s a myriad range of e-liquids available on the market. It can either be made by the combination of both PG and VG bases or by using any one of them. Then, to form vapour when you light a vaporizer or an e-cigarette, producers add water to it.

From this base, e-juice can take on a number of flavours and possibilities. “smokeless-vape” can cater to your need by providing you with a wide range of flavours, from the most basic fruity ones to some very innovative flavours such as deserts, candies, mint, pink lemonade and even tobacco. It’s ideal to use a nicotine free e-liquid, to reduce the health hazards posed by nicotine.

E liquid suppliers try to experiment and diversify their products so that they can always give something new and different than the existing flavours. Good quality vape juice can take your vaping experience to another level altogether.

“smokeless-vape” stocks a huge range of e-liquid flavours to suit everyone’s taste buds.

What are the signs of a quality vape juice?

Vaping has been a life-saver for smokers all around the globe. It’s a smarter, cheaper and a healthier version of smoking.

In recent years, vaping has gained enormous popularity, which shows the innovation and diversity of this product. But, many companies who are out to make a quick buck, ignore testing, quality control and careful development of their e-liquids. Using an inferior quality of e-liquids that will not provide you with a satisfactory vaping experience. All vape juices should pass through strict quality control and testing to get the assurance of the right level of nicotine, correct flavour combinations and freshness.

  • Nicotine level: Although nicotine levels in cigarettes vary by brand, e-juice has standard quantities across the market. The e liquid suppliers should maintain that quality and quantity of nicotine.
  • Mixing flavours: When it comes to mixing flavours, for both organic as well as artificial, it’s just experimenting with piquancy/scents to create the flavours that taste pleasant.
  • Effect of natural elements: Suppliers should take the utmost care to store e-liquids in a cool and dark place to maintain its original flavours. If it’s exposed to direct sunlight and hot temperature, it rapidly loses its taste, leading to an uncomfortable vaping experience.

No matter what benefits vaping has over smoking, the risks involved are uncertain. For instance, most liquids contain nicotine which is a habit-forming substance and can be poisonous if ingested. So, one cannot claim vaping as completely harmless, but it does lack certain harmful ingredients present in a normal cigarette.

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Buy Best Quality E-cigarettes at Smokeless Vape

Best Quality E-cigarettes

Whether you are a seasoned vaper, or new to the world of e-cigarettes, there comes a time when you ask yourself “where can I buy e-cigarettes?”

Well, there are plenty of options available online but here’s what you need to know about buying e-cigarettes online.

Shopping for an e-cigarette is not really a difficult task, especially since you have so many options available online.

Taking the first step
Are you looking at vaping as an alternative to cigarettes? Maybe as the first step towards quitting smoking. Remember, you will have a higher success rate if you quit smoking ‘analogs’ completely.

Choosing the right levels
What is the right amount of nicotine? It depends on many factors. If you were a heavy smoker, you can start with a higher dose. E-juice comes in five different levels of nicotine. These are:

  • 3 mg
  • 6 mg
  • 12 mg
  • 18 mg
  • 24 mg

You can also go for e-juice with zero nicotine levels or higher than 24 mg. With some amount of trial and error, you can decide the right level for you.

Familiarize yourself with e-cigarette brands:

One big challenge that new vapers face is choosing the right brand for their e-cigarettes and accessories. You need to know the top brands in the market and the companies that make their accessories. Start with some research and background of various e-cigarettes or perhaps watch a YouTube review to get a better idea.

With all the information online, you will be able to easily identify the most popular brands that make the type of e-cigarettes that you want. Check their different features, capabilities, ease of use etc. Buying a quality device is a long term investment to enjoy endless hours of vaping.

Buy best quality e-cigarettes at a trusted site like Smokeless vape

At Smokeless Vape we help you get started easily and make your choices effortless by providing you with a range of options for beginners, intermediates and also sub-ohm tanks.

Our beginner kits are essentially Vape Starter kits that give you everything you need to start vaping. You will find many types of vaporizers and mod kits that have a variety of features like variable and temperature control etc. Our typical vape kit will have a mod, a tank and a charging cable. If you have trouble deciding among the many options, you can use our filters to sort the products by popularity, rating, newness, price etc.

The intermediate kits, on the other hand, feature an IC and several other components. They can be great if you have a little experience with e-cigarettes or even for a beginner with a bit of hand-holding. Our intermediate kits feature one of our most popular item – our amplifier kits and our FM radio kit.

Sub-Ohm tanks at Smokeless Vape

As a beginner, you most likely don’t need a sub-ohm tank. But it’s good to know what they do. Sub ohm vaping or sub-ohming is a vaping style that creates large clouds of vapour. The device uses low resistance coils that are less than one ohm and thus their name.

At Smokeless vape, you get the most extensive collection of the several innovative sub-ohm tanks available on the market. These include the SMOK TFV* series, Sense Blazer, Aspire Nautilus, Horizon Arctic and several others.

View a wide collection of the most innovative Sub ohm Tanks in the market including the SMOK TFV8 series, Sense Blazer, Aspire Nautilus, Horizon Arctic and several others! We provide an extensive range of tanks from the top brands in the industry. Get everything from flavour-orientated atomizers to vapour-driven tanks.

But that’s not all, you get your choice of e-liquids to ranging from citrusy, fruity to candy inspired or dessert flavours. So the next time you wonder “where can I buy e-cigarettes”, head straight to the Smokeless Vape site.

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Best Vape Juice Flavor UK: Top E-liquids for Vaping Nerds

Best Vape Juice Flavor UK

“Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum”, “Coffee Tobacco”, “Pukka Punch”, “Strudelhaus” wonder what we are talking about? These are names of some popular flavours of e-liquids or e-juices from different brands that are as creatively named as they are created.

If you have heard of vaping or e-cigarettes, then you are probably aware that e-liquids are the fluids that fuel your vaping experience. Also known as e-juice, these liquids have nicotine solution and a unique flavour that makes your vaping experience unique each time.

How do these work?

When you light up your e-cigarette, the batteries heat up the e-liquid, converting it into a smooth vapour when you inhale it. E-liquids are highly versatile and vapers have a wide choice to experiment with various flavours either in non-nicotine or nicotine strengths.

If you are new to vaping, then you might be overwhelmed with all the choices, given the astounding range of flavours and brands in the e-liquids market.

So, we have made it simpler for you and provided you with some of the best Vape Juice Brands for 2019.

Bubble Worx

Love to blow out lots of fruity- clouds when vaping? Then some of these flavours by Bubble Worx might be your thing. They have a truly bubblegum-flavor, with a sweet and fragrant vapour.

Two of the most popular choices include – Original bubblegum and Strawberry. These are truly classic flavours but if you really want to be surprised, then try the blue raspberry for an awesome kick or the spearmint flavour for a minty zing. Bubbleworx truly has a different spin on the e-juices.


Elements is originally a US-based brand that has found great success in the UK for its unique flavours. They offer some great and simple, no-fuss flavours and are certainly doing something right because they have won in multiple ‘Best E Juice’ awards at vape events across the world.

Their dripper range in particular, 80VG/20PG, comes highly recommended.

Some popular flavor choices include Pink Lemonade, Melon Ball, Neon Red Slushie etc. Not only do they have a great flavor lineup, they have a high VG base so you can produce big clouds.

In short, their line up is quite versatile and if you want an all-day vaping juice, then you should start with their range.

Dinner Lady

With an interesting name like Dinner Lady, you can expect some really cool and refined flavours. And you won’t be disappointed. Dinner Lady offers some delicious flavours blended to suit your refined palate.

If you are just switching over from regular cigarettes, then this brand is a good choice because they are available in 0,3 and 6 mg/ml of nicotine.

The other factor for considering Dinner Lady is their high VG ratio as all of them come in a 30/70 PG/VG ratio, a great ratio for flavour and clouds.

All the flavours are great but if you are craving something different then try After 11, Heaven 11, Cola Lemonade or Blackcurrant Orange.

Vampire Vapes

Vampire Vapes has been around for a while now and is one of the most popular brands known for their classic creations Pinkman and Heisenberg . It is hard to find a vape nerd who hasn’t tried and fallen in love with their e-juices as some point or the other.

They have nearly 20 brands under the Vampire Vape group and some of the most celebrated flavours include Heisenberg, Dusk, Dawn, Pinkman, Banoffee Pie and Bat Juice.

Vampire Vapes is quintessentially British and their speciality is nostalgia flavours that pay a tribute to British sweets of the past – Vimtos, Parma Violets and so on.

So, are these the only names that make it to the best E-liquids for vaping? Taste is a personal thing but some other great e-juice brands include Riot Squad, 13th Floor Elevapours, Cheeky Monkey etc. The key to selecting the right e-liquid is knowing your vape preference: fruity, food, cocktails, and of course, tobacco blends.

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Choose Vaping Over Smoking – Choose Information Over Opinion

For many of us smoking started with a simple curiosity, an internal monologue where we argued for and against the temptation –

‘What does it taste like? It can’t be all that bad…’

‘So many people I know are smoking and they all look perfectly healthy to me.’

‘It’s just one time, I am definitely not getting addicted to this.’

‘Everyone around me is smoking and I definitely don’t want to be uncool. I will just take one drag, surely it won’t kill me and I do want to know what the fuss is about.’

Sounds familiar, right? When we played the devil’s advocate and justified the temptation to try just one time..

Sadly, “The one-time only theory” backfired for many and before we knew what happened, we were hooked. Each drag of the nicotine laden ‘death stick’ or ‘coffin nail’ satiated the addiction. By the time the reality dawned, it was a full-on addiction, it was too late and we still came up with so many alternate reasoning. We denied …we researched on Google, we calculated the extent of the addiction and analyzed the data.

‘I smoke only when I am drinking.’

‘It’s the stress, I would definitely not smoke, if I wasn’t so stressed.’

Last fall, I didn’t smoke for 3 weeks, I can quit anytime, and I have the willpower to stay away.’

Confronting an addiction and then chalking out a plan to successfully curb the desire is really tough. For those fighting the addiction, cigarettes unfortunately are not illegal; they are easily available and not very expensive.

According to Wikipedia – Around 86% of lung cancer deaths in the UK are caused by tobacco smoking and overall tobacco smoking is estimated to be responsible for more than a quarter of cancer deaths in the UK.

The Initial Breakthrough

After much trial and error, you are finally ready to quit. You make a commitment to yourself, and that is the first step. You chalk out a plan and swear to stick to it, but quitting smoking is not easy. Like all addictions –nicotine addiction is pretty tough to overcome.

According to a research done by American Cancer Society – Nicotine is as addictive as cocaine or heroin.

Why is Nicotine so Addictive?

To fully understand the extent of nicotine addiction, let’s take a close look at the vicious addiction cycle.

1st step: When you inhale a cigarette, you also inhale nicotine; the nicotine quickly moves to the lungs and enters the blood stream

2nd step: After about 10 seconds, the nicotine infused blood reaches the brain and a very interesting chemical reaction occurs.

3rd step: The nicotine laden blood seeks the nicotine receptors in the brain, and releases dopamine. Dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter to other nerve cells in the brain. Interestingly dopamine plays a strong role in the reward-motivated behavior, it is this feel good chemical that feeds the need to keep smoking.

Unfortunately this good feeling only lasts for a few minutes and as soon ‘the good feeling’ wears off –and thus returns the urge to smoke again.

What Happens when you Smoke?

The brain adapts itself to receive more and more nicotine by adding more receptive neurons, this has an  effect, as it means one needs to smoke more and more to feel the same good feeling.

And if in case you do not maintain the same levels, the body reacts by showing signs of withdrawal. In case of nicotine, the symptoms are stress, anxiety, headaches and irritation, thus the vicious cycle of addiction continues.

60.8% people above the age of 16yrs want to quit smoking.

– Opinions and Lifestyle Survey

Breaking away from any addiction is hard and quitting smoking is more than just having a strong willpower.

Smokers make between 6-11 attempts before they actually succeed in quitting. It is really hard to focus on long term benefits when the short term urges take over the senses.

The Healthier Alternate: Vaping

In UK e-cigarettes were introduced in 2006 and since then it has effectively become the safer, healthier option.

There are a variety of Vaping devices available in the market today: e-cigarettes, Vape pens and advanced personal vaporizers, also known as ‘MODS’. Vape Shop UK offers a range of products to choose from, something for everyone.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is an act of inhaling and exhaling vapor, also known as aerosol, which is synthetically produced by an e-cigarette or Vape. The device consists of a mouthpiece, a battery, a cartridge for e-liquid or e-juice and a heating component which is powered by a battery. The battery heats when the device is used causing the e-liquid to turn into vapor for inhalation.

How is Vaping safer?

Traditional cigarettes not only contain tobacco but also a lot of other chemicals that are harmful. Long term exposure to these chemicals has led to diseases like bronchitis, emphysema and heart diseases. Vapes and other e-devices do not contain tobacco.

E-cigarettes have emerged as an effective means for helping people get over their smoking addiction. Available in a variety of tempting flavored e-juices, which offers an array of selection that has something for everyone.

The key difference is the approach, it is an abstract proposition if you tell a smoker that if he quits, he will live longer and his health will improve. But if you tell the same person, you can Vape comfortably indoors as it poses no harm to others; it is more positive approach for introducing change.

From heavy smokers to social smokers Vaping is for everyone, from customizable flavors to being affordable Vaping definitely takes a solid lead over tobacco laden cigarettes.

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Types of Vape Flavours

I’m pretty sure we can all relate to that bittersweet feeling of indecision when it comes to choosing something we would like to try when we have a million options to choose from.😩 E-juice is the same, unfortunately, especially for those who are just starting out. Most e-juices come with different flavours and nicotine strengths. For new ex-smokers turned vapers, a higher strength, such as 18 mg or 24 mg can be an ideal place to start as it will give you your nicotine fix.

A healthy approach most people adopt is to work their way down to lower levels and eventually to 0 mg and the amount of vapour produced by your e-cig or vaporizer also impacts how much nicotine you’re consuming. The rule of thumb is, “the higher the amount of vapour your e-cig produces, the lower the level of nicotine you should choose.” Simple right?

Types of Vape Flavors🍦🍷🍎🍌🍡

There are virtually infinite e-cig flavours available on the market, which can be categorized into four main groups. To find the best e-juice that will satisfy your taste buds, start with one flavour and then add other flavours to it. For example, if you have been smoking menthol cigarettes🚬, you’ll probably like the taste of menthol e-cig juice flavours. But you might like it even more if you add like an apple🍎 or banana🍌 flavour to it.

Tobacco Flavored E-Liquids🚬

Since most ex-smokers love the taste of tobacco, e-juices try to offer them a fix for their craving without the tar, carcinogens, and other harmful chemicals found in the tobacco smoke. This is why almost every e-liquid manufacturer will have a tobacco flavour in their line of e-juices.

Single Flavored E-Juices🍙

Single flavoured e-juices are the most popular type and can taste like anything from coffee☕ to fruit🍉 to cakes🍰 and so on. Some Vapes companies offer a wide range of standalone, US made vape flavours are mostly fruity but also include some quirky flavours such as coffee, cola, and pie flavours.
The best thing about these flavours is that you can choose nicotine strength as well as VG/PG blend to customize the e-liquid according to your very likings.👍

High VG E-Juices

This is considered ideal for sub-ohm vaping, high VG e-juices are a class apart when it comes to the intensity of flavor🍓💦. However, making high VG e-juices is a very complicated matter and that’s why many companies miss the mark. Either you’ll get dry hits or a burnt taste when vaping at high wattage/voltage or very low resistance, because the e-juice isn’t created to withstand the immense heat, and ends up losing the flavour.😢

E-Juices with Multiple Flavors🍕🍊🍷

Despite having countless flavours, it’s possible that your favourite flavour is still not available on the market. This is where you can unleash your creativity😀, and make exclusive vapour flavours that you know your taste buds will love. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the hassle of physically mixing different flavours since some companies will do the mixing for you. This makes it so much easier to get flavours that you’ll want.

We can safely say that no one wants to eat, drink, or vape any flavour they don’t like, and with so many amazing vapour flavours out there, there must be at least one flavour that you will love. But trying every single flavour is simply out of the question because I doubt you have all that time at your disposal. This is where you can use this guide, along with some common sense, to find the right flavour  without having to spend big bucks.

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Difference Between Smoking and Vaping

Many of us make the mistake of thinking that smoke and vapour are the same things, mostly because they look similar when we see it exhaled. However, that’s not the case, they are very different from each other. Don’t worry if you don’t know the difference, that’s why I’m here to share what I found with you so we both can be in the know😊. Now hold on to your hats because things are about to get sciencey🔬📡.


We can safely say that smoke is a  result of combustion and when this occurs, new chemicals form through the process of oxidation. So, fire is what creates smoke and when you smoke a cigarette, a fire must be involved to create the smoke.

Chemicals in Smoke.

You may know why smoking is regarded as bad, it’s pretty simple to understand since smoking leaves tar in our lungs and that can lead to cancer and we don’t want that😨. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg😱, there are a lot more chemicals in smoke that you may not know about. If you’re curious like me, then here are a few of the chemicals you can find in smoke:

  • Cyanide
  • Formaldehyde
  • Methanol
  • Acetylene
  • Ammonia
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Nitrogen Oxide
  • Vinyl Chloride
  • Ethylene Oxide
  • Arsenic
  • Chromium
  • Cadmium


Because of this misconception that smoke and vapour are the same, we tend to refer to   as “vape smoke” but this is not a correct term since it is actually not smoke🚭. When a substance becomes gaseous (I don’t mean farts💨), at a temperature that is lower than its point of combustion, it is considered vapour, cool right?

If you’re still confused think of it like when you heat water on a stove. When it begins to boil, it creates vapour. While the vapour is in a different state, it still has the same chemical makeup as the liquid water. The biggest takeaway is the fact that vaporizing does not create any new compounds.   maintains the same compounds as the substance that created it.

What chemicals are in Vapor

Unlike smoke, when   gets created, no new chemicals are formed. The chemicals that are in a liquid are the same chemicals found in the vapour formed from the liquid.💦

Veppo Premium E-liquids typically have four compounds. They include Propylene Glycol, food-grade flavouring, Vegetable Glycerin, and Nicotine which all four of these chemicals are FDA approved for human consumption.

The Smell👃

If you’ve ever been in the room after someone has smoked, you know that the smell tends to linger in the room for a long time. A room that someone has smoked in will maintain that smell indefinitely. Smoke, in contrast with vapour, dissipates within minutes. Often, the scent of vapour is less intrusive and with certain flavours can be pleasant.

So if you’re having trouble remembering the difference between smoke and vapour, or just want to have a convincing argument to tell your friends, think about the difference between the smoke produced by a campfire and the steam produced by a pot of boiling water. The smell from campfire smoke will linger on your clothes for some time, while the water vapour won’t leave a smell and will disappear rather quickly.

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Choosing between PG & VG

Looking to make the switch to e-smoking? Then you might be thinking “what’s in this stuff?” Well, let me help you with that. Now, when it comes to vaping there are mainly two options available to you, these are PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin).

Ingredients in E-liquid

Veppo premium e-liquids contain four main ingredients: a PG or VG base, nicotine, water and food grade flavourings. The base, aka carrier, holds the nicotine and flavour in suspension so your vaporizer can produce those nice clouds of smoke-like vapour we love to see.

PG and VG are non-toxic organic compounds and generally considered safe for consumption by the FDA. In fact, they are widely used as food additives in a variety of commercially available food and personal care products, ketchup is an example since it has propylene glycol in it.

PG e-liquid

Let’s tackle PG-based liquids first since it’s the most popular of the two. PG e-liquid is thinner and produces more of a “throat hit” than VG e-liquid does, which simulates the feel of smoking better than the VG. The two types of liquid have their differences and here are a few of them.

Thinner Consistency: Due to the fact that propylene glycol has a runny consistency, PG e-liquid is thinner than the VG variety, and this makes it easily absorbed by the polyfill and cotton fabric inside cartomizers and wick tanks.

Less Gunk: Because of the low density of the juice gunk doesn’t build up on the heating element of your vaporizer as fast as it does when thicker vegetable glycerin liquid is used. Depending on the type of vaping you’re interested in, this can be good.👍

Taste:👅 Propylene glycol is a tasteless odourless substance, so it doesn’t alter the flavour of the e-liquid in any way. This is kind of a bummer because there are some amazing flavours out there for you to try.

Stronger throat hit: (get your mind out of the gutter😑) It’s also a powerful humectant, so while it will dry your mouth and throat if used consistently, PG also produces a stronger throat hit, similar to that of tobacco cigarettes, so if you’re looking to switch to vaping from cigarettes but you like the feeling, then this might be your thing.

VG e-liquid

Have you seen images of vapers with large billowing stacks of vapour? They’re using a VG base for that effect. VG e-liquid is thick and a little sweet. It produces luscious clouds of vapour.  VG e-liquid also imparts a sweeter taste to your liquid. They can come in two flavours being Tobacco and Menthol.

Thickness: Vegetable glycerin is a considerably thicker solution, compared to propylene glycol. It has a slower absorption rate for wicks and cartomizers.

More gunk: Because of its a thick consistency, VG tends to gunk up and clog vaporizers, requiring more cleaning, yeah this is a downside especially for someone like me.

Flavour: On its own, VG has a slightly sweet taste which also makes the e-liquid sweeter and the flavours a little difficult to detect.

Throat hit: Unlike PG, you’ll also get less of a throat hit when using VG.

More vapour: Now this is what I’m talking about. So, because of its thick consistency, VG e-liquids produce significantly more vapour and doesn’t cause allergic reactions or irritations as often as propylene glycol.

Choosing between PG and VG E-liquid😵

PG e-liquid tends to give you a better throat hit and a lot more flavour. Most of Veppo’s premium e-liquid is 100% PG based, while VG e-liquid allows your atomizer to produce a lot more vapour.

Honestly, neither is better since you will most likely need both to fully enjoy vaping and the vaping community is evenly divided between which is best. Some enjoy the intense throat hits more than flavour and  , others enjoy the sweet, thick plumes of vapour.

Can they be mixed?🤔

Yes, they can! If you like, you can use a mixture of both PG and VG in particular ratios, such as 70 VG / 30 PG. This is the optimum ratio for because it provides a nice throw hit, good flavour as well as tons of vapour production.

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Atomizer vs. Cartomizer vs. Clearomizer


You may recognize these names if you vape but for those who aren’t really in the know and would like to be, then I’ll be your guide into this world of vaping. So, Atomizer, Cartomizer, and Clearomizer are devices that you screw on a battery or power supply to deliver e-juice (e-liquid) in a vapour form. These devices are the three devices used in this industry and all three type of devices work on the same principle of heating e-juice to a temperature of vaporization.

When it comes to the best of the three, there is no real winner since some people prefer one over the other, and each has its own pros and cons which we will discuss in more detail.


Atomizers are one of the original devices. They have a fairly small capacity and are best for people who prefer dripping. There are different design but the majority of atomizers have a heating coil on the bottom with metal mesh on top of the coil. Some atomizers utilize silica wick instead of metal mesh.

Pros of atomizers

  • Perfect for dripping, which means that you can switch between different flavours of juices pretty fast
  • Simple design
  • Low cost
  • Easy to refill

Cons of an Atomizer

  • If you vape a lot, you need to continuously refill an atomizer
  • Some models of atomizers are rebuildable but require considerable skill
  • Hard to track the amount of e-juice left inside


Cartomizers are similar in design to the atomizer. The big difference is that cartomizers have polyfill wrapped around a heating coil, a polyfill soaks e-juice and it allows for longer vape time over atomizer. There are some designs of cartomizers that are housed inside a larger cylindrical tank that holds an even larger capacity of e-juice. Nice right?


  • Hold more e-juice over an atomizer
  • Low cost
  • Easy to refill
  • Fairly easy to rebuild

Cons of a Cartomizer

  • Might not be suitable for heavy vaping.
  • Some people  claim that polyfill material dulls the e-juice flavour
  • May retain   from the previous e-juice


Clearmizers are one of the newest and most popular devices on the market today. These type of devices are usually cylindrical and feature a clear polycarbonate plastic or pyrex glass tank. A clear tank allows you to see the level of e-juice inside of a clearomizer, which is a nice feature.

E-juice is delivered to the heating coil by ways of a silica wick and some designs feature top heating coil with longer wicks, others have bottom placed heating coil with short wicks which allow for easier wick saturation.


  • Large capacity for e-juice, typically around 1.6 – 3ml
  • Clear tank allows you to see the exact amount of e-juice left inside of the clearomizer
  • Some models are rebuildable, and come with replaceable coil
  • Longer life-cycle
  • Some people claim that clearmizers with wick system offer superior flavour delivery

Cons of an Clearomizer

  • Usually more expensive than atomizers or cartomizers
  • May retain flavour from the previous e-juice
  • May leak depending on manufacturer and model
  • Top coil design may require you to tip clearomizer to absorb leftover e-juice