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Choose Vaping Over Smoking – Choose Information Over Opinion

For many of us smoking started with a simple curiosity, an internal monologue where we argued for and against the temptation –

‘What does it taste like? It can’t be all that bad…’

‘So many people I know are smoking and they all look perfectly healthy to me.’

‘It’s just one time, I am definitely not getting addicted to this.’

‘Everyone around me is smoking and I definitely don’t want to be uncool. I will just take one drag, surely it won’t kill me and I do want to know what the fuss is about.’

Sounds familiar, right? When we played the devil’s advocate and justified the temptation to try just one time..

Sadly, “The one-time only theory” backfired for many and before we knew what happened, we were hooked. Each drag of the nicotine laden ‘death stick’ or ‘coffin nail’ satiated the addiction. By the time the reality dawned, it was a full-on addiction, it was too late and we still came up with so many alternate reasoning. We denied …we researched on Google, we calculated the extent of the addiction and analyzed the data.

‘I smoke only when I am drinking.’

‘It’s the stress, I would definitely not smoke, if I wasn’t so stressed.’

Last fall, I didn’t smoke for 3 weeks, I can quit anytime, and I have the willpower to stay away.’

Confronting an addiction and then chalking out a plan to successfully curb the desire is really tough. For those fighting the addiction, cigarettes unfortunately are not illegal; they are easily available and not very expensive.

According to Wikipedia – Around 86% of lung cancer deaths in the UK are caused by tobacco smoking and overall tobacco smoking is estimated to be responsible for more than a quarter of cancer deaths in the UK.

The Initial Breakthrough

After much trial and error, you are finally ready to quit. You make a commitment to yourself, and that is the first step. You chalk out a plan and swear to stick to it, but quitting smoking is not easy. Like all addictions –nicotine addiction is pretty tough to overcome.

According to a research done by American Cancer Society – Nicotine is as addictive as cocaine or heroin.

Why is Nicotine so Addictive?

To fully understand the extent of nicotine addiction, let’s take a close look at the vicious addiction cycle.

1st step: When you inhale a cigarette, you also inhale nicotine; the nicotine quickly moves to the lungs and enters the blood stream

2nd step: After about 10 seconds, the nicotine infused blood reaches the brain and a very interesting chemical reaction occurs.

3rd step: The nicotine laden blood seeks the nicotine receptors in the brain, and releases dopamine. Dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter to other nerve cells in the brain. Interestingly dopamine plays a strong role in the reward-motivated behavior, it is this feel good chemical that feeds the need to keep smoking.

Unfortunately this good feeling only lasts for a few minutes and as soon ‘the good feeling’ wears off –and thus returns the urge to smoke again.

What Happens when you Smoke?

The brain adapts itself to receive more and more nicotine by adding more receptive neurons, this has an  effect, as it means one needs to smoke more and more to feel the same good feeling.

And if in case you do not maintain the same levels, the body reacts by showing signs of withdrawal. In case of nicotine, the symptoms are stress, anxiety, headaches and irritation, thus the vicious cycle of addiction continues.

60.8% people above the age of 16yrs want to quit smoking.

– Opinions and Lifestyle Survey

Breaking away from any addiction is hard and quitting smoking is more than just having a strong willpower.

Smokers make between 6-11 attempts before they actually succeed in quitting. It is really hard to focus on long term benefits when the short term urges take over the senses.

The Healthier Alternate: Vaping

In UK e-cigarettes were introduced in 2006 and since then it has effectively become the safer, healthier option.

There are a variety of Vaping devices available in the market today: e-cigarettes, Vape pens and advanced personal vaporizers, also known as ‘MODS’. Vape Shop UK offers a range of products to choose from, something for everyone.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is an act of inhaling and exhaling vapor, also known as aerosol, which is synthetically produced by an e-cigarette or Vape. The device consists of a mouthpiece, a battery, a cartridge for e-liquid or e-juice and a heating component which is powered by a battery. The battery heats when the device is used causing the e-liquid to turn into vapor for inhalation.

How is Vaping safer?

Traditional cigarettes not only contain tobacco but also a lot of other chemicals that are harmful. Long term exposure to these chemicals has led to diseases like bronchitis, emphysema and heart diseases. Vapes and other e-devices do not contain tobacco.

E-cigarettes have emerged as an effective means for helping people get over their smoking addiction. Available in a variety of tempting flavored e-juices, which offers an array of selection that has something for everyone.

The key difference is the approach, it is an abstract proposition if you tell a smoker that if he quits, he will live longer and his health will improve. But if you tell the same person, you can Vape comfortably indoors as it poses no harm to others; it is more positive approach for introducing change.

From heavy smokers to social smokers Vaping is for everyone, from customizable flavors to being affordable Vaping definitely takes a solid lead over tobacco laden cigarettes.

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