Vapresso – EUC – Ceramic coils


Vaporesso’s EUC Coils aim to cut the waste associated with regular e-cigarette coils while providing the same high performance. The coil head is stripped down to the core, dramatically reducing the amount of metal that is wasted by throwing the entire coil head away when the wicking material becomes used up.

Full size EUC coils are compatible with the Veco Tank, Veco Plus Tank, Estoc Tank and Attitude Tanks.

EUC Coil heads are available with a Ceramic core  or alternatively Traditional high quality Cotton wicking material which can be found here.

0.5 Ohm 
  • Stainless Steel SS316L Coil
  • Ceramic Wicking Material
  • Recommended Wattage: 25w-35w
  • Quad wicking ports
  • Package of 5
0.6 Ohm 
  • Stainless Steel SS316L Coil
  • Ceramic Wicking Material
  • Recommended Wattage: 40w-55w 
  • Quad wicking ports
  • Package of 5
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he Vaporesso EUC – Eco Universal Coil is an innovative performance atomiser created with affordability in mind. It is intuitive created, changing the way users typically replacement the atomiser coils. Instead of changing the entire coils, the EUC Replacement Coils only requires the changing of the core instead of the entire metal sleeve. The result is a more cost-effective design, while providing ample performance capability. There are two types of version, a Ceramic type that pays homage to the original cCell structures and a Traditional performance coil, with Kanthal, Nickel, or Stainless Steel heating elements.



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